The Herriman Way

EXPERIENCE:  Michelle understands the workings of municipal governance and recognizes the complexities of balancing the Peoples Will with the Peoples Rights. Michelle has developed relationships with  leaders throughout the valley and is respected as a participant in community  development. Michelle recognizes that partnering with our neighbors is “The Herriman Way.”

LEADERSHIP: Michelle has the ability to lead as exemplified through her role as Vice Chair of the Utah Transit Authority, as a past City Council Member and Incorporator of Herriman. Michelle has the skills necessary to articulate the issues and has demonstrated leadership in conducting meetings, setting agendas, and facilitating tough issues. Michelle is committed to “The Herriman Way.”

VISION: Most of the amenities that lead you to settle in Herriman are the amenities that Michelle helped envision and create. There are great things ahead of this City and Michelle will work with you to create and manage future amenities, encourage economic development and maintain the values that are “The Herriman Way.”

SERVICE: Michelle has proven her loyalty to Herriman through many years of service in your behalf.  Michelle will continue to serve you by weighing each issue carefully and serving at all times and in all places in behalf Herriman. After all that is “The Herriman Way.”

Michelle Baguley For Herriman Mayor


It is a way of life, and the people who live and exemplify it.
It is service and love and being neighborly.
It is being involved in your community.
It is knowing what you want and letting your voices be heard.

It is preserving our Heritage and welcoming the future.
It is seeking truth and standing behind it.
It is you!

Michelle Baguley Bio - Candidate for Mayor of Herriman Utah